Introducing: Ashley Cooke

April 26, 2021

As a child, she wanted to be a veterinarian. In college, she studied communications. Now, Ashley Cooke is living out her true dream of becoming a country artist.

“My parents are nowhere near country music, but I fell into it because so much of it is about the stories and the people – I have always been a huge fan of that,” said Cooke. “I will never not speak my truth in my music and that’s super important for any artist.”

No matter where she lived, Cooke grew up playing music and writing songs. Whether it be Wisconsin, California, Florida or anywhere else, she always found herself taking the time to visit Nashville to write. So at 18, she finally moved to Tennessee. After graduating from Belmont University, she found herself following the musical path more seriously – it’s been non-stop since.

Catching up with Holler between recording sessions, Cooke discusses how a social media platform made all the difference to her career and how her friends have played such a special role in her songwriting. Even when reflecting on some of the lowest parts of her life, she beams ear to ear – her vibrant personality and dedication never failing to shine through. It’s clear that though country music has only had a small taste of what she can do, there’s a whole lot more on the horizon for Ashley Cooke.

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